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Sustainability and Social Impact

We are committed to making corporate social responsibility an integral part of our business, and backing this discipline with the resources needed to change policies and practices for the better.

Positive Foodprint Plan

Our CSR strategy, which we call our Positive Foodprint Plan, covers the whole of our value chain. From farm to fork, working with all of our stakeholders to bring about positive and lasting change. Below are some of the initiatives we have rolled out.


As caterers, we take our responsibility to eliminate food waste incredibly seriously.  Not only is it financially wasteful but food waste has a detrimental effect on the environment, both at a local and global level.

We are active supporters of WRAPS’s Guardians of Grub campaign, and are striving towards achieving zero food waste across our operations. One of the unique ways we are doing this is through our award winning TRASHED concept.

Trashed focuses on creating delicious dishes by incorporating underused cuts of meat and vegetables that often end up being thrown away or overlooked.

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Where possible we avoid the use of single use plastics, promoting reusable water bottles and water stations.

We are currently in the process of installing filtered water stations (with branded water bottles) within all of our contracts and removing all plastic water bottles from service.

As part of our commitment to you we will invest, at our cost, water tap stations and branded water bottles for your team and students. This will eliminate the need to provide plastic water bottles from your day-to-day service. Read our case study on removing plastic bottles from Thetford Grammer school here

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Green Force is our school based sustainability initiative that links our menus directly back to the pupils’ environment and acts as a vehicle for teaching pupils about sustainability, sourcing and society.

Through Green Force we introduce pupils to the importance of eating locally produced, seasonal food and how what they consume can directly impact the environment.